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We’ve learned from our community that tech interviews are notoriously difficult, both in getting them and to pass them. That’s why we bring you Hirekind DEVersity: a series of mock interview and pitch events with real industry mentors to help you sharpen your technical and behavioral interview skills and get you valuable feedback for how to get to the next step, wherever you are in your career.

Sign-ups for the interview sessions will happen day of, but please RSVP and reach out to if you want to be a part of the pitch so we can help you prepare.

What is Hirekind?

Hirekind is a social enterprise on a mission to bridge the gap between diverse tech talent looking for work and the companies clamoring to diversify their engineering and product teams. We host monthly pitch and mock-interview events to help our candidates tell their unique story, behavioral interviews, data challenges, portfolio reviews, and whiteboarding sessions.


Come Check out DEVersity

We meet monthly and learn from exciting speakers, pitch, whiteboard, and mock interview together. Join us at our next event on Tuesday December 19th, and bring a friend!

Hirekind DEVersity No. 3 will be held at Runway Incubator (1355 Market Street) #488

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We champion Diversity in Tech

Are you a woman or professional of color looking for a fulfilling career in tech? We are here to help.

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